running Meat Sauce Babies

James and Alison have created a team for the Spring Sprint in support of the Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada as a way to honor Chad’s recent passing. Check out their entries here and here. I urge you to support them with a donation, if only to see the team name “Meat Sauce Babies” get high up on the donations list. I know Chad would have loved it. :-)

Towel Day!

As Liz pointed out tomorrow, May 25, is Towel Day, and sadly I will miss it. Ronya and I will be driving out of town tomorrow so I won’t be joining any other hoopy froods down at the pub for a pint and reminiscence. Damn, I wish I’d remembered sooner.

Have one for me, though, if you do go out. Okay?

In T.O.

Hey everyone, we’re in Toronto. Ronya and I took a spur-of-the-moment flight, picking a destination at the ticket counter, and now we’re touring sunny warm Toronto. We’ll be flying back tomorrow evening. I’ll try to write a full post about it on Monday.



Posting at Tammy’s request:

A birthday party for Chad is being held at his parent’s place on Sunday, April 15th. It’s going to start at about 2pm. No need for gifts but if people want to bring food they’re more than welcome.

I’ll post more details as I get them, including the specific location of Chad’s parents’ house.

For more details on how Chad’s doing, if you don’t already have on your friends list then definitely add him.

Support the local guy

Wil Wheaton has written a great piece* about all those “local” stores that are slowly being bought and/or squeezed out of existence. It made me wistful about the old hobby shop we had in the same strip mall as my mother’s studio. The guys in the shop would have to chase us kids out, more often than not, but they never forgot where their money came from. When AD&D first came out they not only opted to stock the books but also set up advanced orders for us and kept us up to date when new stuff was coming out. That was way back in 1978.

Nowadays I feel we in town are very fortunate to have stores like The Sentry Box in Calgary and Valley of the Mage in Okotoks. I think, as Wil says, it’s important to keep these independent retailers going.

*Note: link goes to While the specific page that hosts the article is Safe For Work, the rest of the site usually isn’t and the site itself may be blocked if you’re behind some kind of filter.

Damned Router

I’m having a hell of a time and could really use some advice from the network hardware minded people out there. With our new computer we bought a new linksys router and PCMCIA card to bring our wireless network up to the “g” level. With this new router we also hoped we’d have an end to the troubles we had with the old router. We didn’t. In fact, this new router seems only worse. If I cant’get it fixed I’m going to have to resort to going back to the old router.

Why do I always have trouble with new tech?

Anyway, with the old router the wireless connection used to fail on occasion and I’d have to walk downstairs and reset the router. Sometimes the laptop would simply pick up the new connection, and sometimes I’d have to click on the “repair” button for it to work, but reseting the router allways fixed things for a while.

Not so with this router. It worked for a while, then started droppinc connection, prompting me to reset the router again (with much growling) but now my laptop can’t connect at *all* no matter how often I reset the router. It always hangs at the “acquiring new IP address” stage and just sits there forever, churning away.

I can still connect to the internet through the ethernet connection, hence why I’m able to write this post at all, but the wireless is just fucking caput.

In my mind, in an ideal world, digital tech would either work or not work, not just “works some of the time” or “work for a while then gradually fail”. Gradual or partial failure should only exist in the analog world.

Anyway, any advice on what I should be checking? I followed the basic instructions for setting up that came with the router, with the only exception being that I set up a simple WEP key to keep anyone in the neighborhood from surfing my connection. Other than that I pretty much just let things be.

Tim Huesken, Successful Game Designer

A few of you may have a dim memory of my journal entry here about Tim’s art show at the Vicious Circle. Well, if you didn’t get to see his artwork then you can still see it today. Apparently he and a friend of his have designed a successful board game called Xig using his artwork. I haven’t seen the game myself but I definitely intend on checking it out. According to a local article (thanks to for the link) they have won the Origins Vanguard Innovative Game Design Award from the Academy of Gaming Arts and Design and have not only sold out of their first print run of 5,000 copies for the game, prompting them to print another 10,000, but have also release an expansion just in time for christmas. Woot!

Note: local article may be replaced soon and URL may link to something completely different.

Seig 2!

“If you’ve been waiting until the Christian fascist movement started filling stadiums with young people and hyping them up to do battle in “God’s army” to get alarmed, wait no longer.

In recent weeks, Battle Cry, a Christian fundamentalist youth movement, has attracted more than 25,000 to mega-rally rock concerts in San Francisco and Detroit and this weekend they plan to fill Wachovia Stadium in Philadelphia.”

Article here.

I wonder at what point they’re going to drop all the pretext of civility and just start handing out the brown shirts and swastika arm bands?

Pub Night

Anybody up for joining me at the pub tonight? I figure I’ll be at Limericks at around 7 / 7:30. That’ll give me enough time to workout, shower, and change.


Coworker Jen is selling Girl Guide Cookies to us at work on behalf of her daughter. They’re the ‘traditional’ oreo-esque vanilla and chocolate cookies. $4 a box. Anybody want me to pick some up for them?