Weekend update

Thursday: Worked, went out for beers with Tammy
Friday: Worked, spent evening playing Xbox and other games with Dianne. Introduced her to Jeff Dunham on YouTube. “Oh My GAaaawd!”
Saturday: Breakfast in the morning with Ronya, Mary Ann, and Tony at the Harley Davidson cafe in Inglewood. Not bad food, happily half empty which made it one of the more pleasant weekend brunches in a long while. After which Ronya and I spent a little of our christmas cash before driving up to Red Deer for her paternal grandfather’s 90th birthday. From there we drove back to Mary Ann and Tony’s place to visit with Connie and Colin who drove in for New Year’s. We got to break in my brand new, all expansions included game of Settlers with two games. I think Connie won one and Mary Ann won the other. Both Ronya and I didn’t care who won and just had a grand time building stuff.
Sunday: quiet breakfast with my hon before heading out to do some shopping and maybe a coffee shop.
Tomorrow: back to work. Sigh.

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