Getting all fired up

Ronya and I fired up our motorbikes today.

Not that we actually went out riding, mind you, but we did start them up. It’s our way of trying to keep the batteries from wearing down and checking the bikes themselves out for any major maintenance issues.

Much to my delight we were able to get the Yamaha XJ1100 started up all on it’s own. The Suzuki 550 was a little more stubborn and took a quick boost from the Yamaha to get going. Shane and Dianne’s Suzuki 750, unfortunately, would not catch, and unlike the batteries on the other two bikes it’s battery is pretty much innaccessible without tools. We didn’t feel like struggling with tools and bike parts this afternoon so we left it alone. It turns over just fine, it just didn’t catch. We will try again when it’s warmer.

Ammo Box being sized as a saddle bag

Ammo Box being sized as a saddle bag

While we were letting the bikes run and their batteries charge we took some time to photograph the XJ1100 with the ammo boxes I bought last summer. Ideally I’d like to be able to turn the boxes into saddlebags for the bike. In checking it out we reasoned that in order to keep them from riding so high as to overbalance the bike I’d need to move the signal lights. Even if we did mount the boxes above the signal lights they’d be mounted so far underneath the boxes that they’d effectively be useless.

Luckily for me the mounting bolts for the lights look remarkably simple to work with and there’s only two wires to worry about. I should be able to either move them further back towards the brake light or perhaps higher up on the rear of the seat and above the boxes. Higher up makes sense, now that I think about it, as that would make them even more visible to other motorists.

Ronya planning her garden

Ronya planning her garden

Ronya and I also spent a couple of hours at a coffee shop this afternoon doing some reading, writing, and garden design. Ronya received her first Calgary Horticulturist magazine in the mail today and it’s given her no end of ideas for this summer. Mix that in with our thoughts of touring on our bikes and it makes for a very long, long winter to have to wait through.

In other news Coraline is opening this weekend. There aren’t any showtimes listed yet but I thought I might throw it out there to see if anyone wants to go see it on opening weekend. Lately I’ve all but given up on opening night viewings because I’m getting old enough to really dislike crowds, but such films as Coraline and the upcoming Star Trek movie may entice me if there are enough people going along.

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