A good weekend

Well, I did eventually take the bike out. Ronya and I used our bikes to get around yesterday. As you can tell I didn’t die. Not sure how effective my hand signals were but I was reassured by having Ronya and her working brake lights behind me.

I still want to fix my own brake lights but I think I’m going to need a voltage meter or something to figure out where the disconnect is. Would be nice if it were just a simple loose wire or something.

Friday was Roarke’s birthday and the original plan was to take him and his brothers to see Monsters vs. Aliens but alas our vouchers were not valid for the show while it’s still in Imax 3D. Instead we rented a couple of videos and brought everyone to our place. We played some rock band and the boys played some Halo while the adults played some Zombies upstairs. I believe it was Ronya who finally won through the simple expedience of having the last zombie move off the helicopter landing pad. We had such helpful zombies they actually chose to move out of our way to facilitate our escape. Well, Ronya’s escape really.

Saturday I got four new tires for the Yaris. Some of the radial wire was starting to show through the front tires and the mechanic pointed out how the rear tires weren’t far off themselves, so we now have four brand new all season radials. That should last us through the next winter, I hope.

Saturday afternoon the girls put their heads togethe and made soap, which is now curing on our countertops, while I napped and observed and occasionally gave a judicial sniff to the mixture. The essential oils didn’t seem to be adding much of a scent to the soap so they wound up using a lot of it. Now we’re hoping it’s not the kind of situation where the scent intensifies over time as the soap cures. Time will tell, I suppose.

I spent Saturday evening visiting my old college friends Gordon and Leslie in their home just south of Carstairs. Apparently my coming over triggered a wave of visitation and we wound up having dinner for a dozen. It was all good food, of course, and Gordon runs his own catering business. Leslie used to work at Microsoft and was able to explain at least one of the main reasons Vista is such a big pile of Suck. Basic synopsis: it’s not her fault.

Sunday Ronya and I suited up and rode off to get me measured up for yet another tuxedo, this time for an impending wedding in July. My previous tux rental back in October worked out as a major benefit as the company has my measurements on file. I just had to make sure the different style of shoes fit (my sneakers? Size 12. Dress shoes? Size 14 and a half. WTF?) and we wound up picking a different jacket simply because the first choice of jacket didn’t go up to a size 60. It was… interesting to note that many of my measurements approached twice that of the Tracy, the Best woMan.

From there we rode to John’s place for a barbecue and some more games. I have to say, an entire weekend of visiting friends and playing games definitely appeals to me.

Ronya and I took the long road home late at night, a route that wound up taking even longer as much of 84th Street NE turns out to be permanently closed. Deciding on an alternate route in the dark was a little nerve wracking for me but we managed and got home safe and sound, if a bit chilled.

And now, off to work.

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2 thoughts on “A good weekend

  1. Glad to hear you made it in safe and sound Love. It was a great weekend. Lots of games and potato chippies! Giggles. All Good!

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