A page a day, day eight

It was a gorgeous Sunday today, gorgeous enough that not only did I get the blinds open today but a couple of windows as well. I also managed to force myself out of the condo. It wasn’t difficult since I had to get my groceries anyway. I also got my car cleaned and spent a couple of hours in the coffee shop getting some writing done.

A table, a book, a coffee, and a piece of banana loaf.

Getting some writing done on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

I’ve already met my goal of 300 words today but I don’t really have the time to transpose it all. Plus… while it was a great writing exercise it definitely wasn’t worth keeping.

At least not online.

Now I’m getting my laundry done and re-watching some Warehouse 13, first season. The show was awesome from the beginning. Claudia was awesome from the beginning.

I gotta say, though, the show was darker at the start. It would be nice if they could edge back to that. Still, I also love the silliness of the characters. It’s a tough call.

Okay, this daylight savings thing really sucks. My day is almost over and I feel like I barely got half of it. When are governments going to admit there’s not functional reason for keeping it other than “we’ve always done it this way.”

It doesn’t help that I grew up in Saskatchewan where we didn’t bother with it. The only way daylight savings ever actually impacted us was when we had to call someone in one of our neighboring provinces and had to remember if they were an hour behind, ahead, or on par with us. And every time we did we shook our heads in dibelief that people would actually willingly submit to the farce.

Why do we bother? So far the only reasons I’ve heard are that it gives us an extra hour of daylight during the work day. Except that isn’t true. In this modern age our work day can start at 7am, 8am, 9am, or 3 in the afternoon. Nobody is getting an “extra” hour because there is not consistent “work day”.

All that’s going to happen is I’m going to spend the next week miserably trying to adjust to a new schedule.

At least the weather has been getting warmer. Finally.

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