A page a day, day twenty four: unleash the bike?

A couple of months ago I had to move my motorbike from my spot in the parking lot behind my building because roofers needed the entire parking lot for their trucks. It was only pure luck that I found out I needed to move it in the first place. The building management company posted a notice on the back door about everyone having to move their vehicles before the roofing company came in. They wanted the cars moved out by Thursday.

I read the notice Wednesday evening, and only managed to see it because Dianne and I had decided to go out for coffee that evening. Had we not done so my bike would have been towed without warning. They didn’t post the notice ANYWHERE else in the building, not even the front door. They just naturally assumed people would read the notice when they went to use their cars. Except not everyone USES their cars during the week, especially those tenants who work downtown! And of course I only ever park out front because my bike is using my spot!

Anyway… Dianne helped me to move my bike out of the way in the morning. We conferred with the roofers and they assured me that if I moved my bike out of the main parking lot and against the fence it would be far enough out of their way to not be a problem. So we did, and there it has sat since.

As it turns out, this is now a good thing.

And there it will sit until the thaw in June

And there it will sit until the thaw in June

The parking lot for my building is on the north side. It remains in the shade all day until well into May. With Calgary’s natural weather pattern of thaw-snow-freeze, and our building managers’ standard snow removal service that doesn’t do anything beyond the sidewalk in front of our building, the parking lot becomes a solid block of ice that lasts into June.

Last spring this was a huge problem for me because I needed the spot clear of ice before I could bring my bike out of storage and park it there. This spring it was going to become and even worse problem because my bike had been parked there all winter and wasn’t going to be able to be ridden at all until I could get the ice cleared.

Except we moved the bike already, for the roofers, and on that morning they’d already spilled a huge amount of roofing gravel all over the place so we had a fair bit of traction to work with. Now, with the recent warm weather, the alleyway is pretty much dry, including that section along the fence where my bike is parked.

With Dianne’s last visit I picked up a temporary parking pass for her. While I was in the Parking Authority office I asked if it was possible to get a parking pass for a motorbike. The clerk said it was, but that it would be difficult for me to attach it somewhere it could be seen. I explained that my bike has a large wind screen on the front and asked if attaching it to that would bee acceptable. She readily agreed that it would.

So… I have applied for a parking pass for my bike. I’m allowed two before I have to pay extra, so this one is as free (or rather “included in my existing civic taxes”) as the other one. I’ll probably pick it up Thursday morning and, with luck and good weather, should be riding by the weekend.

Before April.

You have no idea how happy this idea makes me.


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