A page a day, day thirty-seven: working out by jumping hurdles

Went for a workout this afternoon. First time in a couple of months. Thank you Foursquare for alerting me to that. “Hello Joel, it has been two months since you were last at the Beltline Aquatic Leisure Center.” Like I needed more guilt.

I just did cardio. I know it’s a cliche excuse but, honestly, I don’t want to overdo it. I’m going to be hurting enough as it is.

I do have a plan, though, of developing my core strength back. I definitely feel the need for it. My knees keep telling me I have a need for it every day.

It’s bad enough when your joints hurt worse when you move too much, but now my joints are starting to hurt from not moving at all. If I’m sitting at my desk all day, or in front of my Xbox all day, my knees protest horribly when I get up to move. I know a lot of that is weight, and I know some of that is age, but I also know the only thing that’s going to help is to keep moving.

It is *very* tough, though, to remain motivated all day long to going to they gym, even just for those twenty minute cardio workouts. (plus five minutes of cool-down, so, y’know, 25 minutes of constant movement at least) By the time the workday is done I’m generally exhausted both mentally and physically. All I want to do is switch off.

Plus it also gets harder to face the reality of just how badly my body is in decline. I know this should be *more* motivation to go to the gym, but when you’re already self conscious about changing in front of strangers because of how you look, particularly at a gym where the majority of people there have been working for years to look pretty damned good, knowing you’re just looking worse the longer you don’t go becomes a daunting hurdle against going.

So on the way home I have to a) have enough physical energy to feel I can get through the exercise, b) have enough emotional detachment to not care about what others might be thinking of me while I’m there, and c) have enough mental energy left to talk myself into it.

Today I managed that trifecta. Tomorrow … we’ll see.

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