A page a day, day thirty-eight: Requisite to Ride

I suddenly recall a rather terrifying anecdote from my motorcycle meet-up over the weekend. It makes me just that much more confused about Americans. Texans in particular.

One of the riders at our table mentioned that he travelled a lot for work and used his travels to explore more riding opportunities. He frequently travels to San Francisco, for example, and found an excellent deal on weekend bike rentals. He found he could rent a high end, expensive Harley Davidson motorcycle for the weekend with unlimited mileage for just a few hundred dollars. This is a fantastic deal for him and he makes use of it whenever he can. He said he frequently surprises the rental clerks with the amount of miles he actually puts on their bikes as most of the usual renters only rent them long enough to take them to the beach so they can stand around looking cool.

That’s not the confusing part. People using Harley’s and their “mystique” to try and impress people is nothing new. It’s actually their entire marketing strategy. After all, it sure isn’t the durability or efficiency of their bikes.

Anyway… the fellow rider related one event where he was sent down to San Fran for a couple of weeks on a project. Through various conversations and whatnot he learned that more than half of his team were regular riders. From this he proposed to his team that they all take time on the weekend to rent bikes and explore the surrounding hills. They all agreed that it was a good idea, except for one person: the one guy from Texas.

Now from conversations with this Texan our fellow rider knew he owned more than one bike and rode quite frequently, so he was surprised and confused by the Texan’s reluctance. Asking him for a reason, however, didn’t do anything to dispel the confusion:

The Texan lamented that he didn’t have a permit to carry a gun in California so he’d had to leave his gun behind in Texas.

And he never, ever rode motorcycle unless he was packing.

Every single one of us around the table, including the fellow telling the story, wore the same baffled expression. Not one of us could figure out why a gun would be necessary for riding.

But then maybe that’s because we’re from Canada? I don’t know. I honestly don’t know.

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