Get the fuck out of there

One of the biggest drawbacks of not having a partner anymore is that there’s no-one to plan your birthday parties for you. It’s left up to you to plan your own celebration, and when you’re someone like me… well, celebrating myself has never been one of my strengths.

So, as the day approaches I watch it get closer and … do nothing. And then the day arrives and I have no party organized, no friends coming over, not even a pub night out planned.

And it upsets me. Isn’t that stupid? It’s my own fault I don’t have anything planned and it upsets me that there’s nothing planned for my birthday. And then I beat myself up for being upset, and beat myself up further for not having done anything.

It’s a stupid spiral and one I need to break.

I’m going out to the pub tonight. Specifically I’m going to Limericks pub on MacLeod Trail at about 6 for pub food. Then I’m going to the 7:50 pm showing of The World’s End at Scotiabank Chinook theater. People are welcome to join me for either.

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