Happy Thanksgiving! (Yes, I’m Canadian)

Today I am thankful for friends, both present and absent, and my thoughts are with so many of them.

Today I managed to get groceries, do my laundry, put together four lunches, cooked supper, and completed my Dangerous Goods Transportation certificate. Oh, and I learned how to make animated GIFs. Go me!

In between loads of laundry I’ve been catching up on Arrow season 2. I’m almost finished, but I must say it’s been a little hard going. It’s very much like reading a series of books by an author who has a signature style that can best be described as “a rut”.

Posturing and cliches abound, repeated over and over again. There are a lot of moments of “can we speak alone” and dramatic statements spoken in halting bursts of two or three syllables.

It’s two dimensional as any comic book page, and I enjoy it. I”m such a sucker for comic book action that I’ll enjoy it even when it’s mostly bad.

Still… Green Arrow, Black Canary, Deathstroke, Flash, Speedy, Brother Blood… some classic comic book adventure.

It’s a pity it’s DC, but then it’s some of the best of DC. The frequent problem with the heroes of DC comics is that they’re some form of “ultimate” badass. Superman is invincible, Wonder Woman can block any shot, Flash is the fastest thing in existence… the list goes on. And the more “ultimate” the heroes are the more unbelievable the threats have to be, to the point where they have to invent unrealistic threats like Kryptonite. It makes it very difficult to identify with.

But Green Arrow is one of the better heroes of the DC Universe. Other than is excellent aim he’s pretty much a normal guy. And I loved it when they took away his sill trick arrows. It was always much more simple when he used basic arrows.

And now… on to season three.

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