Catching up on TV

I wound down from work by catching up on a few episodes of Marvels Agents of Shield and an episode of Arrow as I cooked and ate dinner. I’m reminded why I don’t obsessively download each episode every week. They’re not written all that terribly well. I think the BBC in general has spoiled me for good story and intelligent dialog.
Arrow has introduced yet another archer, making… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8… 9 archers in their three seasons so far. If they didn’t also include Deadshot I’d swear the producers had never heard of the benefits of guns. This new addition is the worst, though. They’ve named her Cupid.
This latest episode of Arrow also introduces another DC character from the Justice League: Wild Cat. Unfortunately This is CW’s version of the DC universe, so of course Wild Cat is young and pretty. The original Wild Cat was one of the Golden Age heroes, a boxer who started the vigilante lifestyle before most of these other young ‘uns was ever born. He’s true old school, complete with lots of grey hair. This guy is so young and zen it’s hard to even imagine him fighting at all, let alone being a vigilante on his own. And the story-line has him trying out the vigilante lifestyle six years ago. By the look of him he’d be doing that on Friday nights and weekends to avoid having it interfere with his schoolwork.
Agents of Shield has introduced some more plot twists and gadgets and… that’s about it. The twists aren’t terribly inventive and the gadgets, while cool, can’t support the show. Colson gets his tie back from the cleaners, a villain finds the fountain of youth, and Sky’s father finds a reason for a long life of seeking revenge. All the while they’re looking for something that sounds very suspiciously like Shambala.
Not a terribly impressive night of TV, but it helped digest the meal and switch off the brain.

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