Horrific dreams that scare on a new level

Okay, what is with the collective unconscious last night? I have now ready four friends post that they had horrible dreams. I did too, but in a very weird way.

It wasn’t blatant horror but rather a subtle, depressing horror that persisted on waking. I can only remember one scene, but it stick with me. I was on the c-train and it was riding out into a undeveloped section of the city. The train rolled past my stop without even slowing and the driver came on the loudspeaker apologizing that she had already received one “P5” today and wasn’t taking any chances. My dream version immediately understood that it meant she had already received a reprimand for being late to a “primary” stop and was going to be docked pay for it, and so she was skipping the “lesser” stops to make up time. And my dream self could sense everyone else on the train kind of nodding in tired acceptance that they’re just going to have walk further because “what can you do?”. And this was an all pervading sense of how the world was working with everyone accepting less because those in power were demanding more while using punitive measures to force the common man to do more with less.

And my heart was gripped with certainty and fear that clung well into waking. I know the scene was incredibly minor, but the FEELING was deeply disturbing. We are headed into that as a reality. We’ll be walking further, eating less, and working harder… and we’ll still be better off than the majority of the rest of the world.

I look forward to the days when we finally decide to eat the rich.

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