And yet…

I tried to go to bed at a reasonable hour last night. I really did try. The best I could do was 1 am, however. Still, not bad. If I could have slept. And for about 20 minutes I did. Then I woke up and laid there until 3 am when I finally gave up and got up to watch a couple of old episodes of Farscape. It was clear with the final episode that they had no idea if they were going to be picked up again. It wasn’t so much of a cliff hanger as it was a few dangled strings that could have been considered “the end”.

Then I returned to bed finally exhausted enough to sleep at around 5 am. Then I was up again at 7 to feed the cat, and back to bed. Finally hauled my ass out of bed around 11.

Then I had my shower, swapped in some new blades for my razor in preparation for shaving my head, and promptly nicked my right nipple. It still stings, although it has at least stopped bleeding.

I did my job search over breakfast, found nothing new, and wallowed in some social media for a couple of hours. Now I prepare to do some writing.

My life is so incredibly exciting at times.

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