Learning to ride

So I signed up for motorcycle riding lessons yesterday. I didn’t end up going with Calgary Safety Council, but instead went with Too Cool Motorcycle School. Despite how the name sounds they come with an excellent recommendation from Dargie who used to teach riding himself. He says the school is run by a former partner of his and a former student of his, and the course material is based on what he once taught but with some improvements over the year. I’m going to go with that.

Much to my delight they’re actually starting classes in March and I was able to get in on one remaining spot for the classes starting March 19th. I can only hope conditions will be favorable, and given the way the weather has been lately I think my odds are pretty good. Plus, as Ronya said, if you learn in the worst conditions then you’ll be prepared for better.

Today I signed up for a motorcycle maintenance course at SAIT, which starts April 10th. I actually found out about it yesterday morning but didn’t sign up for it because the main prerequisite was that the student own and ride a motorcycle. I figure they’ll probably have you use your own bike to learn from, else why have the requirement? Anyway, I was initially a little disappointed about the timing since I didn’t think I’d actually get to take my riding class until mid-April as it was, but now I can take them both in order. Yay!

Now I just need to make sure I get my learner’s before March 2nd, which is the one day of in-class learning prior to the actual on-bike learning.

I tried my old leather jacket on this morning, just before leaving from work. It’s a little tight in the shoulders but otherwise serviceable. If I lose a little weight I’m sure it’ll be perfect. Or at least good enough for the class. I’ll also need some ankle high boots. I do still have an old pair of combat boots, I think, but their heels are so worn they’re a risk to my ankles when I wear them. I’ll have to take a look at some of my other boots. They expressly exclude cowboy boots so I don’t think they’ll accept my wedding boots. True, they do have a rubber sole, but they may have some other reasons for excluding cowboy, or “cowboy-like” boots and so I suspect it’d be best not to risk it.

They didn’t mention anything about a helmet so I believe I will have to provide my own. Not a big deal as I will eventually need one anyway. They also say they’ll provide gloves but past experience has me thinking I might want to try and get a pair of my own before hand. Most common gloves just don’t fit me.

I forgot to mention in my previous post just what kind of bike Ronya bought from her father. I believe it’s one of these, with what little I remember of the look of it making me think it’s the 550 E from either 1979 or 1980. Either way it’s in excellent shape from what I can tell.

I can’t believe how much I’m looking forward to this.