Electric Motorbikes!

Make Podcast: Todd Kollin’s Electric Motorcycle

This video is a couple of years old but Todd Kollin’s web site, Electric Motorsport, is still up and going strong. He has even better bikes up on his site than the one he demonstrates in the video.

As an aside, the range of the bikes is stated to be between 35 and 60 miles, which would be between 56 and 96 kilometers. My ride to work and back was a grand total of 30 km. I know because my motorbike doesn’t have a gas gauge so you have to keep track of your mileage to estimate how close to empty you are. While I don’t live on the exact opposite side of the city from where I worked, I’m still pretty far. I can see this bike working just fine for daily use within the city. It’s a rare day when I go for more than 80 km within the city for my usual visits and/or shopping. With a recharge time of 4 hours (1.5 with the optional high speed charger) You could even charge it while you work if you work more than 90 km away from where you live.

And with a top speed of 60 to 70 mph, that translates easily into freeway speeds, especially something like Deerfoot at rush hour.

Cool Google Docs Hack

Go into Google Docs, start up a new spreadsheet. In cell A1 enter “Red”, and in A2 enter “Green”, and in A3 enter “Blue”. Now, select all three cells. While holding the CTRL button click on the lower right corner of the selected cells and drag down.


Now try it with Superman/Batman/Spiderman… or Basset/Terrier/Daschund… or, to get really interesting, Brad Pitt/Hugh Jackman/Angelina Jolie.

This little hint blatantly stolen from this lifehacker post.

Zombie Rights!

Get a bunch of your friends to dress up like zombies and walk downtown in Calgary and you get your picture in the newspaper. Do the same thing in Minneapolis and you get arrested for “simulating weapons of mass destruction”.

Yeah, okay, they had “wires” extending out of their backpacks (which turned out to be antennae from radios) but is that sufficient reason to jail them for two freaking days?!