Gratitude and Achievements

Midnight in Revelstoke as we stop to pick up more caffeine

Midnight in Revelstoke as we stop to pick up more caffeine

Things I’m grateful for today:

1) A pipe and some tobacco turns a walk into a Walk
2) Dave’s Lounge podcast on my headphones during a walk turns the city into a Movie Scene
3) Hand drawn lunch bags worthy of framing

My recent achievements:

I wrote a 1,200 word scene describing the character’s living quarters and her prosthetics. During this writing I determined the map of the pacific NW of the United States pinned to her office wall needed to be placed upside down for story specific reasons. I also determined why her right arm and left leg were replaced: she’s right handed. If your right hand is your primary hand then your left leg is your primary leg.

I managed, with assistance, to drive 12 hours to visit love, light, and reassurance, and managed to drive 10 hours back to home.

When faced with demons at home, demons who had not spent the weekend driving but had instead spent the weekend resting and honing their sharps, instead of battling them alone I went for a walk with my pipe and reached out to others. I did not make any connections that evening but the simple act of reaching left me out of the demons’ reach for a number of hours and set up some social appointments for the near future.

I have sat down with my keyboard and written words.

I have slept well enough, and deeply enough, to have some very intense and fantastical dreams. Unfortunately that’s all I can remember about them: that they were intense and fantastical. I may need to start keeping a dream journal by my bed if I’m going to have more dreams like those.

And today I managed a full workday of constant activity, dragged my ass home to a nap and food, and attended one of those social appointments I made. Then I made another.

I managed four successes in two days.

Forward, with steps and intent.

Tuesday Gratitudes

Today I am grateful for:

1) Dave’s Lounge

2) Supernatural

3) Bison Burgers

Bonus) I’m genuinely grateful that nobody attempted to play an April Fool’s joke on me, directly. I hate April Fool’s day. It’s a bit of a trigger for me reminding me of cruel-and-NOT-funny pranks played on me as a youth. I have an explosive button for pranks and it’s just best if nobody clicks it.